Cadillac XT9: Review, Design, Price

The Cadillac car maker is going even further with the production of the luxury cars. This time, if the latest rumors are true, they are planning to introduce the all new flagship model. It will most likely be named as the Cadillac XT9. The future XT9 is expected to be a full-size luxury crossover which will be placed above the large Escalade model. It will be even larger and more luxurious than the XT8 model which represents the largest SUV in the brand’s lineup. Besides that, the Company will probably release a sedan version too which will appear as the CT9 model.

So, the future Cadillac crossover will be offered as the extended-length model. It will be available with three seating configurations and ability to welcome up to eight passengers. Its exterior design will look absolutely stunning and it will be available with top notch tech features. Furthermore, it should receive a strong powertrain under its hood. The new Cadillac will compete against Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and BMW 7-Series.

Cadillac XT9 front

Cadillac XT9 powertrain

When it comes to the engine department, naturally the upcoming Cadillac will receive a strong engine under its hood. Although, there is still no any exact information or any further details, we assume that it will most likely be powered with a V-8 turbocharged engine. The engine will pair with either an eight-speed or a ten-speed automatic gearbox. As for the drivetrain, the rear-wheel drive system should be standard. However, the all-wheel drive configuration should be available as well.

Design of exterior and interior

Speaking of the exterior design of the Cadillac XT9, it is the same story as for the engine. There are no any photos, or any data how the new XT9 will look and everything is mostly based on rumors. What we know for sure, is that it will be the largest crossover in the Cadillac lineup. It will look elegant, powerful and very attractive. The front end will most likely feature a large mesh grille and a pair of sleek headlamps. The lights will probably be equipped with LED lighting. Furthermore, the new XT9 will ride on large alloy wheels.

As for the architecture, it will most likely ride on the General Motors Omega platform which is suitable for rear- and all-wheel drive systems.

Cadillac XT9 cabin

Inside, the future Cadillac XT9 will feature very spacious, modern and luxurious cabin. The materials used in the design of interior will be of high quality. The cabin will have three rows of seats and will be available in three seating configurations. So, it will be able to welcome six, seven or eight passengers. The seats will be comfortable and most likely upholstered in quality leather. Moreover, we can expect premium infotainment and safety features even in base trim.

Release date and price of the Cadillac XT9

The Cadillac XT9 should arrive sometime by the end of 2020. As for the price, it is expected to start at around $250,000 while the CT9 sedan will be even more expensive with the price tag if even $300,000.

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  1. Ok is this just speculations or do you have some inside source? I for one think This is where Cadillac should be heading. That way it leaves room for Buick to grow and take it place in the real luxury market. Right now the Three automobile divisions are stepping one each other’s toes. You go into the Buick dealer and think I can get almost the same thing at Chevy for a whole lot less. You go into the Cadillac dealer and think they sure want a lot more money for not a whole lot more than Buick has to offer.


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