2024 Honda Element Could Hit Stores Sometime Next Year

There are rumors brewing about a certain revival, it is the 2024 Honda Element. Honda discontinued this SUV almost a decade ago. There were rumors before but nothing actually happened. This time around things might be different. Many manufacturers are bringing out old designs, with all the retro hype. So the Element is a real possibility. Other manufacturers didn’t stray much from their previous designs. Simply modernizing them a bit and giving them better technology was enough to do the trick.

If Honda wants a head start they might need to do more. There should be drastic changes coming in, after all, it wasn’t discontinued without a reason. Under the hood, things need to change a lot. Electrification in some regard is almost certain. Perhaps even going full EV would be even better for the new 2024 Honda Element. Inside needs to be scratched completely and redone from the bottom. The styling is obsolete and the technology is almost ancient. The overall body design and shape don’t need to change much. After all, the blocky look was what made the Element stand out in a crowd of SUVs.

Let’s read along to find out what exactly would the Element look like now if it was revived.

Will the new 2024 Honda Element Be Redesigned?

On the outside, nothing drastic is expected. The Element SUV should retain its blocky look but with a few stylistic and functional changes. Although blocky, it should incorporate some curves. This is due to contemporary style and making the SUV ergonomic and aerodynamic. This in return improves fuel economy and overall handling.

The 2024 Honda Element is tall but the ride height isn’t. So no going off-road with this one. Wheel rims are 18 inches lightweight alloy. On the front, we have a small mesh with the Honda logo. This probably means a smaller engine as well. Headlights are also retro. With the square-looking design, but still using the latest LED technology. Bumpers are incorporated into the body so they are not protruding. All in all, the Element resembles its previous versions in great regard.

Interior Upgrades

Car-styling becomes obsolete after a few years, imagine a decade-old cabin and how inferior it would be when compared with today’s vehicles. So we suspect Honda would give a complete do-over inside the SUV. This means that the seating needs to be reimagined. Better cushioning and better lumbar support. Comfort is of great concern and needs to be addressed. No one likes having back issues due to a badly designed seat. Some people spend half their day in their SUV so it would be a good selling point to have a high-quality seat. Heated and ventilated seats are also available, so putting them in the cabin is also a good idea. Having multiple choice materials for upholstery also improves the luxury a bit.

Suede, leather, and fabric are primary options when upholstery is in question. The instrument panel needs to be high-tech. If Honda wants to compete with other manufacturers, they need to go all out with the 2024 Honda Element. Lining it with leather would give a prime feel, also putting some chrome or even wooden accents would do wonders for the overall feel of the interior.

2024 Honda Element cabin

The central infotainment system is almost certain. A touch screen of no less than 12 inches would be beneficial. That way both rows can join in on the fun. Speaking of rows, there will be only 2, no third one planned as this is a mid-size SUV. But the back row will be foldable to make room for a bigger trunk. The SUV in itself is tall and allows for a lot of headroom. The longer wheelbase allows for more legroom as well. Dashboards should be all digital as well. After all, it is planned for 2024 and nothing says future as a screen with all the useful information right in front of you. Expect a minimalistic appearance on the inside, so fewer buttons are good. But we will most definitely see some buttons on the steering wheel. This increases the safety aspect by keeping the attention of the driver-focused on the road ahead at all times.

A heads-up display would help in this regard as well. There are safety measures installed as well. We get standard features such as automatic braking, lane change alert, pedestrian detection, collision alert, and many more. Hands-free driving is all the hype nowadays and we must say it would be good to have it in the new 2024 Honda Element. This allows drivers to relax behind a wheel a bit but not completely doze off. Ford and GMC already have their solutions for hands-free driving installed and they are a great success. Perhaps Honda can borrow someone else’s system or invest in their own. It is just a matter of how much pre-mapped road would come with it.

2024 Honda Element side

2024 Honda Element Engine Rumors

Nothing too impressive under the hood. The new 2024 Honda Element would probably arrive with a 1.5-liter turbo-four engine with 190 horsepower. Perhaps the engine used on Honda Accord would be a great match for the Element. It is a 2.0-liter inline-four with a couple of electric motors which give 212 horsepower. This should be more than enough for the small Element. But we are excited to hear rumors about the Element being an all-electric SUV.

Manufacturers are trying to electrify all of their fleets, but none managed to do it fully. So putting a battery pack into the Element would make sense for Honda. This would be good for the environment and for the wallets of buyers. Many countries give subsidies for buying green vehicles and also it is cheaper since it doesn’t use gas. We all know how much gasoline costs today. Not a lot is known at this point about the engine department for the Element, so stay tuned.

2024 Honda Element rear

When Can We Expect the 2024 Honda Element?

We can expect to see the new 2024 Honda Element on the road later in 2023. The starting price is estimated at around $20.000 which is very cheap for a Honda-built SUV.

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