Nissan electric SUV: Design, Specs, Arrival

How the demand for the all-electric cars has never been higher, all the leading car companies are introducing and expanding their lineup with these types of vehicles.

The Leaf EV is one of the Nissan’s best selling electric vehicles and now it is finally getting a larger sibling. This all new Nissan electric SUV is about to be presented at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Nissan latest all-electric SUV is expected to ride on the same platform which underpins the Leaf model. As the matter of fact, the Company is planning to reveal several EV models at some point in future which will use the same platform. Furthermore, dimensionally it is going to be slightly larger than Qashqai model. As for the powertrain, we have heard the rumors that it could easily use the same unit as the Nissan Leaf. As well, the future electric SUV will also borrow Propilot and Propilot Park autonomous technology from its smaller brother.

The key competitors of the new Nissan SUV will be Volkswagen ID Crozz and Tesla Model X.

Nissan electric SUV

The upcoming Nissan electric SUV powertrain and expected range

The Nissan manufacturer hasn’t reveled the exact performance, motor and range of the future Nissan electric SUV. According to the latest rumors and based on assumptions, the new electric sport utility vehicle could use the same motor as the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf uses the battery of 40 kWh and has a range of around 235 miles. So, we assume that the future electric SUV will have similar range as the Leaf, only slightly higher. Moreover, it could easily get the larger battery of 60 kWh which will definitively improve its range.

Platform, exterior and interior design

The new Nissan electric SUV will ride on the new platform which underpins the latest Nissan Leaf model. This architecture is significantly lighter and much stronger than the old version. Dimensionally, the future electric SUV will be slightly bigger than the Qashqai model.

Nissan electric SUV design

When it comes to exterior design, the upcoming Nissan electric SUV will feature the conventional SUV body shape. As the Leaf model, the new Nissan will have coupe-like, floating roofline. The front end will be sharp and will feature square lines. It will be dominated by the blue headlamps and similar V- motion design of the grille as in the Leaf model. Furthermore, the rear end will receive horizontal LED taillights and elongated and flat rear window.

Speaking of the interior of the Nissan electric SUV, the car maker hasn’t revealed any specific details. However, we believe that it will be based on the Leaf model too. Moreover, it should receive the same technology as well. Those will include Propilot and Propilot Park autonomous technology with lane keeping, forward emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, automatic parking and so on.

Release date and price

The new Nissan electric SUV should make its official debut at the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. However, the information when it will go on sale is still unavailable so as the estimated price.

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