2024 Toyota RAV4 to Receive Only Minor Upgrades

There is another redesign coming up, this time around it is the 2024 Toyota RAV4. The RAV 4 is an amazing SUV that has a long history of being loved among drivers. This is not without a reason. The RAV4 has traditionally been an SUV that checks a lot of boxes and does a lot of things properly. It was sturdy, reliable and had a good powertrain. It had great style with a timely exterior that had a lot of benefits besides looking good. But the crossover SUV segment is populated and Toyota needs to do a lot to stay ahead.

Many redesigns are coming soon and that pushed Toyota’s hand to hurry up a release of their own. On the inside we should get a classic rework of upholstery and style. Something a little bit contemporary and modern. Technology could use an update as well. On the outside no major changes should happen. Only minor tweaks to address design style changes and some improvements for ergonomics and aerodynamics. Under the hood is where we might get a surprise soon.

Let’s dig deeper into the review about the upcoming restyle for the RAV4.

2024 Toyota RAV4 Redesign

On the outside the 2024 Toyota RAV4  won’t change too much. We still have a tall ride height with off-roading tires. Large 19 inch wheels made from lightweight aluminum to shave off weight. It is a 2 row seater for now.

We don’t see it changing, but having the third row capability would be amazing. Front mesh on the front has a lot of air intakes to cool the engine and negate all overheating issues. If Toyota decides to go electric then this will be made redundant. Instead we would get a cargo space under the hood.

Modern Interior

On the inside we get a brand new look. The 2024 Toyota RAV4  has amazing style, but it needs to be made modern and contemporary. Upholstery needs more choice. So introducing high quality leather, fabric and suede would do the trick. More cushioning and better lumbar support is needed as well. At that price we probably won’t get massaging seats, but heated and  ventilated seats are definitely on the table.

Standard infotainment system is expected, hopefully with 13 inches of size. Dashboards should also be digital to make tracking of information much easier. That way everything is in front of the driver as well as many buttons on the steering wheel. Other safety features include automatic brakes, lane departure alert, front collision alert and others. Hands free driving is something people want in their cars nowadays. This sounds like a futuristic feature but it is available at Ford and GMs vehicles. Hopefully Toyota develops their own and it covers more roads than previously mentioned versions.

2024 Toyota RAV4 interior

2024 Toyota RAV4 Engine Specs

Traditionally RAV4 was a sturdy and capable SUV. The crossover was able to get off-road without any problems and it handled excellently on the road.  The new 2024 Toyota RAV4 is looking to continue that tradition. The base model for the 2024 will continue with the same powertrain under the hood. This doesn’t come as a surprise since it is tried and tested. The new RAV4 will continue to run with the help of a 2.5 liter inline four gasoline engine. This small beast can produce 203 horsepower and arrives with an 8 speed automatic transmission. This is good performance, nothing too amazing but just enough to move the big RAV4 around. It is not too thirsty when it comes to fuel.

Hybrid and EV Models

There is also a hybrid model that combines this Atkinson-cycle engine with several electric motors. Two electric motors to be exact. This is a good choice, since a single electric motor setups sometimes turn out lackluster. So putting in a double motor setup has a lot of benefits. Each motor would give power to a single axle. The output is 220 horsepower. It does have a CVT included with the standard trim. The plug in hybrid, also called the RAV4 Price, can get up to 300 horsepower and go from zero to sixty in 5.7 seconds. Consider this is a big SUV and it needs a lot of boost to do that. But we are concerned about the lack of a fully electric variant.

Toyota is not completely new to producing electric vehicles. And they are a pioneer when it comes to making hybrids. So this shouldn’t be a big problem for them. Putting a battery pack of at least 100 kWh would reap great benefits. Great range, with amazing performance. Not to mention the upside of going green and saving the environment. Gas is getting more expensive as you read this so it would help the drivers in the long run as well. Perhaps there will be a certain trim that is fully electric. But so far no official announcement has been made by Toyota. Hopefully they change their mind and take this step. This would help them get a big share of the market by dishing out electric SUVs.

Fuel Economy

Currently the 2024 Toyota RAV4 has amazing fuel economy when compared with other SUVs in the class. It can get 27 mpg in the city and 35 on the highway.

The hybrid version gets 41mpg in the city and 38 on the highway while having 42 miles of only electric range. Electrifying the RAV4 would get the number up to 90mpge without any problems.

2024 Toyota RAV4 rear

Price and Release Date

The release of the new SUV will be in late 2023. Probably summer of 2023. Hopefully supply chain issues don’t mess with this.

The estimated price for the 2024 Toyota RAV4  is around $28,000 for the basic trim. Choosing some amenities and better technology would probably increase this number.

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