2023 Ford Kuga Facelifted

Blue Oval company is best known for making quality trucks, but the 2023 Ford Kuga is about to change that. Kuga has been on the road for quite a while. With great success, we might say. This is because Kuga, or Escape, as it is known in the US, checks all the marks. It is a very versatile, compact SUV that has a lot to offer. It enjoyed great success. If Ford wants that to continue, they have to redesign it a bit and try their best to make it even better. Interior was decent, it had nice technology and quality materials. But as we know, it can always be better. Also, Ford has to pay attention to current styling trends.

What was interesting to people yesterday, might not be today. Improvement on  a constant basis is needed. Exterior is good as it is. The SUV has a good and recognizable design. It is made with performance in mind while still staying true to SUV body language. Under the hood we might see some change. A lot of rumors are swirling about hybrids and electric powertrains.

Let us read in more details what is to come with the upcoming Kuga redesign.

2023 Ford Kuga Redesign

The brand new 2023 Ford Kuga looks fast and menacing. The body shape is ergonomic and aerodynamic. A lot of curves and fewer lines. Smooth look gives it an even more aerodynamic look. This helps with handling and steering. Also, fuel economy is improved this way. Bumpers are seamless and fit well with the design. They don’t protrude too much. Headlights are linear and even span to the side a bit.

Hood doesn’t have a lot of curves, it is pretty straight. Front mesh has a lot of air intakes to keep everything cool under the hood. We get 19-inch lightweight alloy rims. They shave off some weight and also help with improving the power to weight ratio. There are a lot of colors available for the exterior.

Interior Upgrades

On the inside, the new 2023 Ford Kuga looks smooth and fresh. There were many details that were changed from the last generation. For the better, we might say. SUVs try to have amazing cabins. This is because people tend to use SUVs for their everyday agenda. This means a lot of time spent driving in the car. So why not choose to drive in an absolutely stunning interior that is also extremely comfortable? This could be achieved with better seating, for example. Adding more cushioning and better lumbar support goes a long way. Using alternative materials like leather and fabric, it is excellent for spoiling drivers with more choice. Also, heated and ventilated seats are standard. Adding a massage feature would be amazing as well. Instrument panel has some alternative materials on it as well.

It would be amazing to add wooden accents on the doors, for example. Steering wheel has a lot of buttons to keep drivers focused on the road ahead. The infotainment system is 12.3 inches, which is an excellent size for 2 rows of seats. The dashboard is fully digital, this also helps with the safety aspect. You can customize everything you want to track and keep all the important information right there in front of you. It will be interesting to see if Ford decides to put their BlueCruise feature in the Kuga. This is a hands-free driving software that covers over 200 thousand miles of interstate roads in the US. This doesn’t mean you can sleep though.

2023 Ford Kuga interior

2023 Ford Kuga Powertrain Specs

For the redesign, Ford isn’t planning on shuffling the powertrain options for the Kuga. The 2023 Ford Kuga will still have current powertrain options on the table. This might seem like a stale and not-so-great idea. But why change something if it is working perfectly with great results. So far, current options include a turbocharged 1.5-liter with three cylinders. This gives 180 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque. It has an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

There is a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder unit with 250 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. All-wheel drive is standard, as is an 8-speed automatic transmission. But there are hybrid options as well as plug-in hybrids. They both develop 200 horsepower with a combination of a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor. Alone, the electric motor can run for 37 miles. These are all good and valid options. There is no need for a V8 with 500 horsepower with the Kuga. Fuel economy is decent on the Kuga. Based on the engine, it ranges from 42.8 mpg to 57 mpg.

PHEV Model

Of course, the PHEV model gets a lot more than that, but you need to recharge the electric motor too often for it to be feasible. A fully electric Kuga isn’t on the board as of yet. But we know that Ford has the ability and technology to electrify a vehicle. Even bigger one at that point.

Take the F-150 Lightning, for example, the big pickup truck. It runs on batteries only, so we know that it is possible to do it with an SUV. Perhaps it is in the works for a future redesign of the Kuga. This would be a great way to attract more buyers. Saving money on fuel and also saving the environment. Ford decided to go with the old, reliable engines. This might prove a bad strategy as many are updating their engine departments. Hopefully it doesn’t bounce back at them.

2023 Ford Kuga rear

Price and Release Date

Expect the new Kuga to hit the road later this year. Some supply chain issues might push this date to early 2023.

The starting price is not known at this moment. Some estimates put the number at $25,000. However, we cannot be certain until an official announcement is made.

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