2024 Toyota Fortuner Off-Roading SUV Is Getting Some Tweaks

Another SUV from Toyota is about to drop, get ready for the 2024 Toyota Fortuner. The Fortuner has been one of the most sought after SUVs on the market. Ever since Ford Endeavor ceased production, the Fortuner had no real competition. It is a reliable and sturdy crossover and has a lot to offer for its buyers.

The Fortuner is a true off-roading SUV, this means equipping it with a special tool kit to tame the wild. It hasn’t been a long time since it received a redesign. But the restyles and redesigns are becoming more frequent in the SUV market. This means that Toyota has to act now and update their Fortuner to match the competition. Expect an updated interior this time around. It was about time that Toyota did something about the cabin to make it modern and contemporary. Technology as well needs to be updated. On the outside we hope to retain the sturdy and aggressive look that the crossover already has. After all it is a bit off-roading centered so we don’t want to lose that look. Under the hood we might get a surprise this time around but those are speculations at this point.

Let’s read more about the upcoming restyle for the Fortuner.

2024 Toyota Fortuner

2024 Toyota Fortuner Facelift

We get only a few tweaks on the exterior of the 2024 Toyota Fortuner. This means large 18 inch wheels with off-roading tires. The rims are lightweight aluminum to shave off some weight. This improves power to weight ratio and gives better fuel economy. It has amazing ground clearance and is tall.

Bumpers are protruding a bit and are noticeable. They give the SUV an aggressive look. But they have a good approach angle so nothing gets stuck under them. Front mesh has air intakes to cool the engine. Headlights are linear and use the latest LED technology. A sunroof would be a good addition but one can only hope.

Interior Upgrades

On the inside, the 2024 Toyota Fortuner is getting some new goodies. Better and improved seating is a must. Especially for an off-roading SUV you need comfort to go along with driving. So better cushioning and lumbar support is needed. We might even get heated and ventilated seats. Infotainment has standard connectivity and it is a 13 inch screen. This is a perfect size so everyone can join in on the fun. It is a three row seater after all, which means 8 passengers at maximum capacity.

Styling on the inside is not too exclusive and you won’t feel like driving in the first class, but it is much better than most SUVs in that segment. Safety features are plenty. We get automatic brakes, lane departure alert, front collision alert and many more. We would like to see hands free driving software come with the Fortuner. But one can only hope.

2024 Toyota Fortuner interior

2024 Toyota Fortuner Engine Options

The Fortuner has traditionally been an SUV that is sturdy and reliable. After all, it was made to tame the wild paths. You can’t do that with a feeble engine and build. Toyota is looking to continue the tradition for the 2024 Toyota Fortuner. This means that under the hood the same engine is going to continue running. We get a 2.8 liter diesel engine. This is an excellent choice since it tends to run off-road. Diesel engines traditionally offer better torque which can come in handy if you get stuck in the mud, snow or sand. It can produce around 200 horsepower which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is more than enough.

Also, this SUV has double wishbone suspension to help with handling difficult terrain. This is for the front, but in the back it  has 4 links with coil springs. It has over 10 inches of ground clearance which is excellent, no one likes getting obstacles stuck under their SUV. It has a six speed automatic transmission which is quite popular. On top of that we get an all wheel drive on all trims of the Fortuner.

Hybrid and Electric Rumors

A hybrid or electric version is currently not announced. And this comes as a bit of a shock for us. We all know the benefits of introducing a hybrid powertrain or switching a battery pack for the internal combustion engine. Hybrid systems with two electric motors setup are amazing. One motor for each axle and you get yourself extra power and amazing torque. Not to mention that the main engine isn’t under too much stress and will last much longer. On top of that you get amazing fuel economy.

Even if you run out of gas, the electric motors can power the vehicle for at least 40 miles. A battery pack of at least 100 kWh would give more power and better economy when it comes to gasoline. Which is expensive as we all know. This would put everything under the cabin and give us extra storage space. Not to mention it would improve handling and steering on and off the road. Toyota could go ahead and make the battery pack even stronger which as you assume, gives better improvements. Hopefully, Toyota changes their mind and invests in this department a bit. It would be in their best interest to go green as soon as possible.

Fuel Economy

Currently, the 2024 Toyota Fortuner is quite thirsty. It gets on average 20mpg combined. This isn’t too bad, but it could be better with a hybrid system or an electric variant.

A battery pack would push that number much higher. We could expect at least 90mpge with a 100kWh battery.

2024 Toyota Fortuner rear

Release Date and Price

The updated 2024 Toyota Fortuner will arrive in summer of 2023. This is just in time when other manufacturers dish out their products. There is no price announced and we will have more details pertaining to this SUV.

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