2024 BMW X5: M LCI, M60i, Specs, and Release Date

Last year BMW unveiled its latest creation, the 2024 BMW X5. At first, it was intended for the Chinese market exclusively. This version had a longer wheelbase, which is much sought after in China. Other markets are not so thrilled about this feature. But the German manufacturer decided to not disappoint us. The X5 will be available in three different trim levels. This includes the M version, the LCI, and the M60i. All of those with a ton of new technology. New mechanical and safety features are also included.

We can expect the exterior to change a bit as well. Nothing drastic, it will still look like an X5. But modernizing it and making it more aggressive should be a great selling point. Recently, all three of these models were spotted during testing. As per usual, the testing was conducted at the Nurburgring track. We managed to gather some spy photos, and based on those, we could see what the upcoming X5 would look like. It will be interesting to see what kind of changes are coming. Compared to previous editions, we can expect better technology, a more aggressive look, and a classic BMW pedigree.

Let us read more about the upcoming 2024 BMW X5.

Is BMW X5 Changing in 2024?

On the outside, not much is changing for the 2024 BMW X5. We still get that classic BMW style on a good-looking and big SUV. On the front, we are getting new air intakes. These will be vertical ones. The central grille, which is a staple of all BMWs, is also changed. It is sharper and more aggressive. Headlights are thinner but not too thin. They are the latest LED technology. The wheel alloy design is new with a sharp look. They are lightweight alloys to shave some weight off the big SUV.

The hood still has that sporty look as always. Ride height is still the same and getting in and out of the X5 won’t be an issue. The overall body shape is unchanged. It is still ergonomic and aerodynamic. The latest 2024 BMW X5 features top German engineering.

2024 BMW X5 interior

What’s New Inside?

We didn’t expect some big changes on the inside of the 2024 BMW X5. But some tweaks are in order. Why not make something better if possible? We are used to BMW cabins being luxurious, stylish, and rich with technology. This time around is no exception. Better seating is coming, and you’ll get more cushioning and better lumbar support. It can seat five people comfortably, so you don’t have to worry about headspace or leg room. Heated and ventilated seats are a must for the price this SUV is coming at. Nothing says luxury and class as alternative materials. So, besides the obvious leather and fabric for seating, we can expect other materials to be used inside the cabin.

For example, chrome or other metals will enrich the instrument panel and the doors. It would be a good idea to use wood as another material that looks great in interiors. There is a new audio system coming. The brand is unknown, but it will be a 10-speaker system. There were rumors about a 14-inch touchscreen for infotainment. Which doesn’t come as a surprise. The cabin is huge, and we want everyone to be able to join in on the fun. You get standard connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so no surprise there.

The infotainment system will be iDrive 8. The dashboard is also digital, which enables better customization and tracking of information. Safety features are plenty. There are automatic brakes and lane change alerts, just to name some.

2024 BMW X5 Engine Options

There will be a plethora of engines available for the X5 line in the upcoming redesign. The base trim will have a 3.0 liter turbocharged inline 6 engine. This smaller engine gives about 335 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. Not bad for an engine of that size.

We also have a PHEV-variant powertrain. This uses a 4.4-liter V8 engine that is combined with an electric motor. It has mild hybrid technology but should pack a punch like many hybrids that came before it. It has a 48-volt setup. The electric motor can boost it by 12 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque. There are three twin-turbo engines offered as well. Their output has a wide range of power. The weakest one has 523 horsepower.

The M version has 600 horsepower, and the competition trim has 617 horsepower. This puts the new X5 in a position to be the top seller in today’s SUV market. They have a good pedigree and a well-known brand.

2024 BMW X5 electric

2024 BMW X5 Electric Rumors

The all-electric variant would also be a logical step. Many manufacturers have already gone down that route. With ever-increasing gas prices and dwindling supplies of oil, we are forced to look for other solutions. After all, all signs point towards electric powertrains being the future.

Some manufacturers have gone so far as to promise only electric fleets before 2030. This might be a tall order, but the German manufacturer has invested heavily in electric powertrain research. So it stands to reason that we will get one in the X5 or perhaps in the next generation of SUVs.

2024 BMW X5 rear

Price and Release Date

The BMW is known for its hefty price tag. After all, you are not buying a simple SUV. You are buying an exclusive, top-of-the-line vehicle made with precision and good engineering. The standard 2024 BMW X5 should cost around $62,000. All-wheel-drive versions will start at around $64,000. The hybrid variant will be $2000 more expensive.

The V8 engine version is around $85,000, and the X5 M will be $109,500. High price, but don’t forget what you are getting. The main competitors for the BMW X5 are the Mercedes-Benz GLE class and the Audi Q7. We can expect to see the German-made SUV on the road in the second half of 2023.

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