Kia Habaniro Concept – Details, Price

It is rare to see a new model that looks exactly the same as its original concept. The upcoming Kia Habaniro Concept will be exactly that. Well, according to Kia. We are still skeptic about those claims. This concept was revealed at the New York Motor Show. It is a clear suggestion of how the next-gen e-Niro model could like. Of course, we are talking about the fully electric model. Whatsoever, a plug-in hybrid and petrol-electric hybrid version will be available.

Habaniro Concept will deliver around 300 miles of driving range. Visually, this crossover will look futuristic and incredibly modern. Unique wheels, doors and headlights are looking truly amazing. As for the interior, we can expect great comfort and modern cabin. Whatsoever, Kia promises a “Level 5” autonomy.

Kia Habaniro Concept exterior

Habaniro Comes With a Futuristic Exterior Design

For the start, new Kia Habaniro Concept will be 174.4 inches long. That is 3.0-inches longer than the current Niro model. On top of that, wheelbase is longer. The wheelbase is rated at 111.4 inches. This should result in more generous cabin space and improved legroom. Kia’s recognizable “tiger nose” grille will be present on the new Habaniro model.

However, just like the headlights, the grille will be slimmer this time. LED daytime running lights are bolder on the other hand. The dark gray cladding upfront is perfectly combined with the “Lava Red” highlights and accents. To the sides, Habaniro offers 20-inch wheels and butterfly doors. Similar doors can be found on new BMW i3 model. Unlike i3, Habaniro will arrive with a regular five-door configuration.

Kia Habaniro Concept rear

Interesting Yet Odd Interior

The cabin of the forthcoming Kia Habaniro Concept is very futuristic. Kia claims the interior will be exactly the same on the production model. We don’t believe in that, here’s why. For the start, there are no buttons on the dashboard. Interior upholstery is finished in bright red color and it is perfectly matched to the exterior highlights. Head-up display is very wide and the dash also serves as the digital instrument panel. It responds to driver’s touch thanks to its “Sensory Light Feedback” system.

Climate controls are also looking futuristic and odd. Ambient lighting looks perfect and lights in the floor are creating a very relaxing environment. Finally, Kia promised a “level 5” autonomy. That means the Habaniro model will drive itself. We like some parts of the Habaniro’s interior, but most of them are too futuristic and unreal at the moment.

Kia Habaniro Concept interior

Over 300 Miles of Driving Range

The all-new Kia Habaniro Concept is a fully electric model. New Niro model will introduce both the petrol-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. Habaniro will be something similar and it will deliver over 300 miles of driving range.

Still, there are no details about the battery and powertrain figures. So far, we know Habaniro will deploy two electric motors. This combination will provide a four-wheel-drive system. Current e-Niro model uses a single electric motor with a standard front-wheel-drive configuration.

Kia Habaniro Concept Price and Release Date

To this moment, pricing details are release date are not available. After all, this is still a concept. However, Kia Habaniro Concept will most likely arrive in 2021. Habaniro model will actually represent a new-gen e-Niro model. For that reason, the price will start at around $30,000.

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