2024 Infiniti QX80 Interior, Specs, and Price

Another redesign is happening in the SUV market, the 2024 Infiniti QX80 is finally getting a redesign. The current QX80 has been around for a while, ten years to be exact. In the automotive industry, this is a whole lot of time. This means the SUV is ready for some updates. Therefore, it would be a good idea for Infinity to up their game and improve their flagship SUV.

The extent of the upcoming redesign is still unknown. But we can come to the conclusion that it will be a big one. The interior of the current Infiniti is decent. But decent won’t cut it against competition such as Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, and others. It is fierce competition in the SUV segment, especially with the more luxurious SUVs, which QX80 is in all regards. The exterior will probably resemble the previous version, but it will come with some changes.

Mostly functional as the Infiniti is quite stylish might we add. The powertrain could gain improvement, no matter how good it is. But there are also rumors of full electrification that are bound to happen sometime in the future. This might be the perfect time to make the switch. Let’s take a look at the bigger picture of the new Infiniti QX80.

Infiniti QX80 Interior Changes

The upcoming 2024 Infiniti QX80 is stylish as they get. The seating is high-quality leather with contrast stitching. It also gets massaging feature as well as heating and ventilation. There are dual climate zones as well as a moonroof and ambient lightning.

The infotainment is a 12.3-inch touchscreen in the middle of the instrument panel. The dashboard is fully digital and customizable which is a big upgrade. There is also a brand-made stereo by Bose with a 13-speaker setup. Safety technology is up to date as well and we finally get hands-free driving. This feature is much sought after.

2024 Infiniti QX80 interior

Luxury Exterior Design

The outside of the 2024 Infinity QX80 is looking as luxurious as ever. The front mesh is huge and shiny, there are a lot of air intakes to cool the big V8. The design has good curves and they help with ergonomics and aerodynamics. Further improving fuel economy and handling. There is shiny chrome all around the vehicle.

Headlights are slim and linear but shine as bright as day. The wheel rims are a special thing, they are cast aluminum and 22 inches in size. Which is sure to be a head-turner. Although it is tall and ride height is improved we don’t reckon this SUV is built for the off-road.

2024 Infiniti QX80 price

Engine Specs

The new 2024 Infinity QX80 is a powerful SUV and things are looking good under the hood. Although it will come with only a single engine on offer, it is a good and reliable engine. It is not a bad thing that there isn’t more on offer. The engine in question is a 5.6 liters V8. This is a mighty beast, and just what we expect to see under the hood of such a marvelous SUV. It can produce 400 horsepower which is more than enough to propel the big QX80 around. It comes with seven-speed automatic transmission and the drive can be sent to the back or all four of them. The gargantuan SUV can achieve 60 mph in 5.9 seconds which is not top of the class.

On the contrary, it is on the slower side of the SUV segment. But once again it is not built to be a speedster. It is built to be a luxurious SUV that will turn some heads. However, there are rumors of this engine being replaced after all. The current 5.6-liter V8 might get replaced after some time. But the replacement is still a mystery. According to the most recent sources, one potential candidate is the 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine from the Nissan Z. Despite the fact that the 400-hp engine is an excellent piece of gear, the new QX80 needs an engine with more torque. Yes, the twisting power of 350 lb-ft is significantly less than the 415 lb-ft of the previous V8. The second-likeliest conclusion is a turbocharged variation of the freshly-designed 3.8-liter V6 that first appeared under the hood of the new Frontier pickup truck.

A 10-speed automatic transmission is available, as before. On the other hand, there is news of electrification. Infiniti is quite modern in many regards and since the SUV didn’t receive an update in quite a while this one could be a big one. So why not change the platform and make the switch to green energy right away? The SUV is quite big so a battery pack would need to be at least 150 kWh but preferably 200. The platform needs to change as well to make room for all the components. Hopefully, there would be a dual electric motor setup, if not more to make for the best possible power distribution. We saw three motors with the new Cybertruck so it is possible. But after all, it isn’t happening this time around, perhaps next redesign.

2024 Infiniti QX80 redesign

Fuel Economy

The upcoming 2024 Infiniti QX80 is not the best if you are looking for good fuel economy. On the market, there are much better SUVs that don’t spend as much fuel as the QX80. In the city, you can expect to get 14 mpg and 20 on the highway. Hybrid technology would improve these numbers greatly and we don’t see why it didn’t happen yet. Perhaps Infiniti wants to go full electric and they don’t see the point in upgrading to a hybrid at all.

2024 Infiniti QX80 Price and Release Date

The new 2024 Infiniti QX80 will hit the road later in the upcoming year. Probably the last quarter of 2023. There are three trims currently, Luxe for $74000, Premium Select for $78000, and Sensory for $86000. The competition in the luxury department of the SUV market is fierce. There are Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Bentley, Lincoln, and others. We will see soon which SUV comes out on top.

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