2024 Honda Passport Interior, Release Date, and Specs

New SUVs are all around us, here comes the 2024 Honda Passport. This is a marvelous creation by Honda, the mid-size SUV is one of the top-selling ones in the category. But in order to stay a top dog, it needs to upgrade some stuff. All around the market, we can see new updates and redesigns happening. Manufacturers are trying to come out on top with new redesigns. Most of them are concerning the powertrain. Everyone is racing to go green with their powertrain. Not everyone does it properly though. But also, they have to keep close attention to the interior and exterior styles that buyers are looking for nowadays.

So what kind of improvements can we expect from the new Passport SUV? Well, the interior needs to up its game. New styling and design should improve its standing. There should be new technology implemented, the tech inside the current version is a bit stale. Outside design is not poised to change too much. Mostly it will look the same as the previous iteration and the current look is quite good. The powertrain however is ready for an upgrade. It remains to be seen what will Honda do about it. Let’s take a look at what the new SUV will look like.

Honda Passport Interior Review

The updated interior of the 2024 Honda Passport is looking quite fresh. The SUV’s cabin is getting new seating. It will still be a two-row seater so 5 passengers are the maximum. The cushioning is improved, which will ensure a comfortable ride even on the bumpy wild ride. No massaging feature however, perhaps it will be available on the higher trims.

Technology is improved as we get lane change alerts, pedestrian detection, and hands-free driving. This is a much sought-after feature as it helps drivers relax on pre-mapped roads. It remains to be seen how much of the roads will be covered with it. The dashboard is fully digital which is a nice improvement, and the infotainment system is 8 inches in size.

2024 Honda Passport interior

Exterior Updates

The updated 2024 Honda Passport is looking similar to previous versions. This is a good thing as the design was already contemporary. But, we might see some minor changes that help with ergonomics and aerodynamics. This can further improve fuel economy and handling on and off the paved road.

Wheel rims are lightweight and 18 inches in size. We would have preferred bigger ones but they do come with all-terrain tires. Bumpers are prominent and hook and winch capability is present.

2024 Honda Passport specs

Under the Hood

The fresh 2024 Honda Passport is not disappointing under the hood. There will be a single engine on offer this time around. And as disappointing as it may sound, the single-engine option is not bad at all. While some like variety and several engines, we prefer that the offer is good and reliable. And this engine is that exactly. If you pop the hood up, you will find the good old 3.5 liters V6 engine sitting there. The somewhat small engine can produce 280 horsepower and is capable of propelling the SUV at a good speed and with great intent. The Passport is not a simple family SUV. It has 8.1 inches of ground clearance, which translates to good off-road experience.

That is right, this is an SUV that can ride comfortably no matter the terrain, no matter how harsh it is. The shock absorbers also make the ride quite comfortable and add to the whole adventuring experience. The transmission is 9 speed automatic one, and it helps with keeping the revs at a good range no matter how slow or fast you wish to go. The engine can produce 260 pound-feet of torque. This isn’t a lot but is quite decent when SUVs are in question. A diesel engine would help both in regard to output and torque. But we all know that diesel engines are not trending currently.

Although they give great performance and good fuel economy, they leave a huge carbon footprint behind them. This is a not good outlook for them as regulations about emissions are becoming more and more strict. Eventually, we can see that all gas-guzzling engines will become obsolete. How long, no one knows, but their destiny is looming on a thread. In that regard, many manufacturers have already made the switch to green energy. Fully electric SUVs and other types of vehicles are roaring around. They have amazing performance and all that without a pinch of pollution.

It would make perfect sense to make the jump for the Passport to the electrical motor. However, it didn’t happen yet. There would be a need for a change of platform in order to accommodate all the components that come with such a powertrain. The battery pack however should be a big one if it comes to it. At least 150 kWh would outmatch the current performance and it would be able to excel in different environments. It would also ensure good range for the SUV. But we will have to wait for that a bit more.

2024 Honda Passport changes

Fuel Economy Ratings

The new 2024 Honda Passport isn’t the best in class when it comes to fuel economy. The SUV is not big at all and still, it needs more fuel than we wish for. It gets 19 mpg in the city and 24 on the highway. A hybrid powertrain would improve these numbers greatly, and frankly, it is strange Honda hasn’t implemented one yet.

2024 Honda Passport Price and Release Date

The refreshed 2024 Honda Passport will be ready to arrive later in 2023, probably in the fourth quarter of it. The price will be dictated by the trim you choose, and currently, there are three on offer. The EX-L trim costs $42000, TrailSport is $44000, and Elite is $47000. The competition in the SUV segment is fierce, so we will have to wait and see how the market plays out.

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