2024 Chevy Traverse Release Date, Changes, Specs

Another big SUV is coming our way, a 2024 Chevy Traverse is about to drop. The popular SUV from the well-known manufacturer has a good design. But its age is starting to show and the competitors are getting an edge with their updated designs. Therefore, Chevy needed to do something, even though they had their hand forced. So they went ahead and pulled the trigger on this redesign. This should bring many improvements to the already good Traverse. The extent of this redesign is still unknown. Chevy is keeping their mouth shut on this one, which is not uncommon for them.

They like to keep everything under the veil until the last second. Which is absolutely fine, since we know they always bring out great designs. On the inside, there is a lot to be done. The current styling is a bit outdated and simply isn’t holding up in today’s day and age. We can expect seating and the overall design to be changed somewhat. Also, some new technology could be very useful. The exterior might remain the same since the design is decent. But we might be surprised, wouldn’t be a first for Chevy. Let’s take a closer look at all the changes that might be implemented in this redesign.

Interior Changes

The updated 2024 Chevy Traverse is getting some interior changes this time around. The seating is updated with more cushioning and some new features. There is a memory setting for when different drivers take a seat and there is a massaging feature.

The comfort aspect is much upgraded by this change. There is a moonroof and ambient lightning. We can see some chrome accents along the cabin, especially on the instrument panel. There will be many new technology updates, but a big one is hands-free driving which is sought after these days.

2024 Chevy Traverse interior

Exterior Upgrades

The outside of the 2024 Chevy Traverse is staying mostly the same. There will be some new colors added and somebody design changes that upgrade ergonomics and aerodynamics. This goes a long way toward improving fuel economy and handling. Wheels are multiple-spoke and 20 inches, all that while being lightweight so they shave off some unnecessary weight.

The front mesh is wide and large, it has enough air intakes to cool the big engine under the hood. Bumpers are not prominent and they blend well with the design. Ride height is good but not too tall, which means it won’t feel at home off the road.

2024 Chevy Traverse redesign

Engine Specs, Acceleration, Transmission

The new 2024 Chevy Traverse isn’t getting any newer under the hood. This is of course not a bad thing as some would make it to be. Also, there will only be one single powertrain on offer currently. This is not a surprise nor is it a bad thing. The engine in question is reliable, sturdy, and has good performance. Pretty much all you could ask for in an engine for your big SUV. The Traverse’s standard 310 horsepower V-6 engine provides power, while a quick-shifting nine-speed automatic transmission quietly shifts gears. The V-6 has good pulling power, though a Traverse we previously reviewed was faster than most vehicles in its class.

Recently, the  Traverse RS got tested in a straight line, the vehicle accelerated to 60 mph in 6.8 seconds and covered a quarter-mile in 15.1 seconds. Both stats reflect Kia Telluride’s performance, which won the 10Best award. At a stoplight, you must take a glimpse at the tachometer to make sure the engine is operating because the cabin is so silent. In connection with it, the Traverse has one of the best automatic stop/start systems we’ve tested. The Traverse seems just as big as it is when parking or maneuvering at a slow speed. When you pick up the speed, however, the large Chevrolet feels poised, if not overly athletic—smaller than it actually is.

The large SUV is easy to shoot because of the system’s accuracy and light steering effort. The suspension of the Traverse has been modified for a solid compromise for both improved handling and comfortability. There is obviously a lack of hybrid or electric power in this equation. A fully electric Traverse would be a sight to see. It would need a bigger battery though, the SUV is quite big and we don’t want to compromise too much on the power output. At least 150 kWh battery to be on par with the current performance. The platform would need to be changed as well.

All those electric powertrain components need to go somewhere. Under the cabin obviously, but this would also improve the handling and balance of the SUV itself. Even a smaller hybrid system would do wonders for the Traverse. Not to mention the fuel economy would be much improved. The hybrid motors can run for at least 40 miles on their own, which can come in handy if you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. We will have to wait a while for the fully electric version to happen, it might come during the next refresh of the Traverse.

2024 Chevy Traverse towing

Towing With the 2024 Chevy Traverse

The 2024 Chevy Traverse is more than a capable SUV, especially in terms of towing capacity. Despite its size, this model has a towing capacity that ranges from 1,500 to 5,000 pounds. Of course, the maximum towing capacity is possible only if you properly equip the Traverse model.

Luckily, there is a way, with the trailering package. This package adds things such as hitch guidance, hitch view, and a heavy-duty cooling system. Thanks to that, you can use Chevy Traverse to tow small sailboats, motorcycles, Jet skis, and smaller camper trailers.

Fuel Economy

The big 2024 Chevy Traverse has decent mileage and it is what can separate it from the competition. It gets 17 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway with all-wheel drive. There are other driving modes obviously, but this is where we see the importance of having a hybrid system. This is something that should be of importance during the next update to the powertrain.

Chevy Traverse Price and Release Date

Expect to see the fresh 2024 Chevy Traverse on the road, during the second portion of the 2023 calendar year. There are actually five different trims that dictate the price and the number of amenities it gets. First up we have the LS trim for $35000, LT for $38000, RS for $46000, Premier for $48000, and High Country for $53000.

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