Audi Q9 Crossover Coupe Concept

Audi Q9

One of the Company`s main engineers has recently declared that the Audi needs to expand its SUV lineup with the most luxurious and leading model. It is the new Audi Q9 Crossover Coupe Concept. This new flagship should be the largest model in the Q lineup. It will be even larger than the Q8 which…

BMW X8 Concept: Expectations, Specs, Price, Performance

BMW X8 Concept

BMW is planning to launch a line of new SUVs by 2020. This could mean an addition of almost four new sport utility vehicles in the X family. The manufacturer started the production of the all-new and the biggest X7 SUV, but that’s not the topping model at all. No, because the Bavarians are planning to reveal the BMW X8 Concept in the coming year. Of course, the production-ready model won’t come at least for another two or three years.

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