BMW X8 Concept: Expectations, Specs, Price, Performance

BMW is planning to launch a line of new SUVs by 2020. This could mean an addition of almost four new sport utility vehicles in the X family. The manufacturer started the production of the all-new and the biggest X7 SUV, but that’s not the topping model at all. No, because the Bavarians are planning to reveal the BMW X8 Concept in the coming year. Of course, the production-ready model won’t come at least for another two or three years.

BMW X8 Concept

BMW X8 Concept: Platform and Features

The BMW X8 Concept is a futuristic SUV, something not thought of by any other company. Like they have always been, the German auto giants are leading the way in terms of idea and implementation. With the i8 already wowing a whole generation, expect the BMW X8 to have a similar effect. However, in terms of market domination, BMW is considering this vehicle to take on the upcoming Audi Q8 and Rolls Royce Cullinan.

All of BMW’s X vehicles are made on the CLAR platform, which is based on cluster architecture. But it seems BMW X8 Concept will be the first vehicle in the X family which will not be built on CLAR. It will, however, have CLAR-like features and make judicious use of aluminum like Rolls Royce did with their Cullinan. Therefore, expect the X8 to be a lightweight SUV.

BMW’s X8 Concept will not be one of those bulky SUVs offering seats for seven passengers. Instead, it will have four seats arranged in two rows. No optional third row will be present in the concept, again pointing towards the fact that this is not your typical everyday SUV. However, this will change with the production model, which will definitely offer seats for seven.

BMW X8 Concept interior

Engine Options and Safety

BMW has taken care of every customer and every landscape while conceptualizing this vehicle. That is why they are offering a choice of four different engines with the X8. Two of them will be gasoline based while the remaining two will be hybrid engines, something that might impress environment-friendly clans.

XDrive40i and xDrive50i will be the two gasoline engines; the second can produce 402 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. The two plug-in hybrid units will be xDrive50e iPerformance and xDrive60e iPerformance. However, there exists another distinct possibility that this BMW vehicle may end up being an M variant. In that case, it could house a very powerful V12 engine. However, at this stage, this is only speculation.

Of course, safety features in this vehicle will be modern and as updated as possible. Cruise control, blind-spot monitors, parking and lane assistance, anti-collision warning systems, etc. will be present in BMW’s X8 Concept. Since this is a futuristic model, it will not hold back when it comes to amenities and infotainment features too. Right from satellite navigation to smartphone integration features, expect everything you can think of in a modern car.

Price and Arrival

Speculated price of the BMW X8 is $70,000 for the base model. Prices will, of course, increase with more features and it could even reach $100,000. Expect it to be out in fall of 2019.

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