2024 Honda CR-V Big Changes Are Coming

Refreshments are not stopping any time soon, we are getting a new 2024 Honda CR-V. The Japanese manufacturer has announced a whole new line of vehicles. This of course includes the SUVs. The CR-V is already one of the top-selling SUVs in the whole world. So everyone is eagerly expecting any news about a possible redesign or a refreshment. This mid-cycle refresh is done very close to the previous one so we can’t possibly expect any drastic changes on the 2024 Honda CR-V. Most of this will be styling issues and a few mechanical tweaks to address any existing problems reported with the current version.

Some reports indicate that the upcoming 2024 Honda CR-V might be more spacious and a bit bigger. One of the biggest focal points is the powertrain. We heard through the grapevine that the new CR-V might go all-electric. This of course doesn’t come as a surprise as Honda is one of the pioneers when it comes to electric vehicles. The ever impending doom of environmental problems is something that gave them a shove to hurry up with this kind of work for sure. We of course welcome this kind of improvement on Honda’s side.

So without further ado, let us dig deep and see what kind of changes are incoming with the new CR-V.

2024 Honda CR-V Redesign

As expected, we won’t get a big change on the outside either. This is just a mid-cycle refresh and designers didn’t pay too much attention to this part. Expect the same sleek design to continue with the 2024 Honda CR-V. The SUV is already aerodynamic and ergonomic. This improves fuel economy, decreases wind drag, and also improves handling and steering. All important issues if we might add. Expect the same 19-inch wheel rims. These are made from lightweight materials to shave off some weight.

The CR-V isn’t too heavy but every bit helps, especially to improve power to weight ratio. Bumpers are not too prominent as the design is blended and are not too noticeable. Headlights are still linear and perfectly fit the front fascia. There might not be a front mesh after all. If the SUV goes fully electric as reported, there won’t be a need for it. All the batteries and technology will be under the cabin to give a better center of gravity.

More Comfort Inside

There are no official renderings or any leaked photos as of now. So most of the information we have are speculations and estimates. Nevertheless, we can almost pinpoint what kind of changes are incoming based on previous moves by Honda. The new 2024 Honda CR-V will probably not change a lot when it comes to the cabin of the SUV. Seating could be improved first of all. They are already electric and move with ease. But making them heated and ventilated is a must at this point. This will ensure the best possible comfort while driving for a long time. No one likes their back getting stuck to the seat due to extreme heat. Also some more cushioning won’t hurt. Especially lumbar support needs to be better. Having a stiff back can cause serious issues for drivers.

There won’t be a third row for the CR-V. This means five people can sit comfortably with plenty of legroom and headroom to spare. There might be an option to remove the middle seat in the back row. This would allow for more cargo space and easier getting around the cabin. Luxury is an important point when it comes to choosing an SUV. The previous CR-V wasn’t too flashy. But the new 2024 Honda CR-V has the potential to improve on that. Putting some chrome or perhaps even wooden accents would help immensely in this regard. It would turn a regular ride into a first-class drive.

2024 Honda CR-V interior

An infotainment system is most probable. Hopefully not be less than 13 inches. This way even the back row of passengers can join in on the fun. The dashboard is also digital. This enables drivers to customize the information displayed and track all they need to with ease. Also, some buttons need to be present on the steering wheel in order to keep the driver’s attention on the road ahead.

The safety aspect is addressed in this regard. What also helps the safety aspect are numerous standard features. Such as pedestrian detection, lane change alert, automatic brakes, and many others that make the lives of drivers easier and much safer. Hands-free driving is all the rage at the moment in the automotive industry. There are manufacturers that implemented this feature with success, namely GMC and Ford. It will be interesting to see if Honda borrows their system or perhaps invest in their own. This feature would allow drivers to relax a bit behind the steering wheel on some pre-mapped roads. As we mentioned already, nothing drastic will change in the cabin, but hopefully see some of the improvements listed above.

Engine Options

This is the interesting part of the upcoming 2024 Honda CR-V. Reports and logic indicate that the beloved SUV is going fully electric. This is something already expected since many manufacturers already made fully electric vehicles, trucks, and SUVs with success. The hybrid version might be on the table. Probably the Honda Accord hybrid system which means a 2.0-liter gas engine with two electric motors. These produce 212 horsepower.

More than enough for the slim SUV. But the fully electric variant might use Ultium battery technology. The range on some fully electric pickups is 300 miles or more. So expect 400-500 miles with the same amount of batteries. Hopefully not be less than 150 kWh. There should also be a quick charge option. This would give the 2024 Honda CR-V 100 miles range in 10 minutes. Impressive, don’t you think that too.

2024 Honda CR-V engine

Price and Release Date

We probably won’t see the new 2024 Honda CR-V until 2023. But we are eager to see what it will finally look like.

The starting price is estimated at around $28.000 for the basic trim. Of course, this could increase due to certain technologies implemented.

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