2024 BMW XM Specs, Release Date, Price

New generations of SUVs are on the horizon, get ready for the new 2024 BMW XM. The current line of BMW’s SUVs is quite dashing. They are known for their outstanding design, contemporary style as well as excellent performance. There is a certain pedigree that comes when you purchase a BMW vehicle. That is one of the reasons their creations are so much sought after. It is about time that the current fleet received some updates.

The new XM model is the one that caught the most attention. And with good reason might we say so. The 2021 XM Concept served as an inspiration for the aesthetic of the 2023 XM. With wide kidney-shaped grille apertures, piled exhaust pipes, and a somewhat sloping roof that suggests a fastback form, it nevertheless has an aggressive style despite being toned down.

It has a mighty powertrain under the hood that also uses mild hybrid technology. Symbiosis is an excellent pairing and brings many benefits. With a fully charged battery, the XM should be able to travel about 30 miles on electricity alone, but its performance potential is what has our attention. After testing a pre-production prototype, we have a strong feeling that the new SUV will live up to the M moniker just like its esteemed sedan cousins.

Interior Review

The stylish 2024 BMW XM is not disappointing. The seating is high quality and comes with cross stitching for some extra luxury points. The cushioning is new and gives for a more comfortable ride. This SUV is not built for off-road, but that doesn’t mean it can’t tackle some difficult environments. The improved seating will ensure that you enjoy even a bumpy road.

There are two rows for seating, so 5 passengers is a maximum. There will be plenty of safety features implemented. Including, lane change alerts, pedestrian detection, also hands-free driving might be included. At this price tag, this is expected.

2024 BMW XM interior

Premium Styling

The outside of the 2024 BMW XM is resembling others from the X line of SUVs. There are big 20-inch wheel rims that are lightweight. The big SUV could use some weight loss so where possible, BMW used light materials.

The front grille is classic BMW, and the radiator-like front mesh is almost a staple of the German manufacturer. The ride height is not too tall, which would probably mess with the handling and steering aspect of the vehicle.

2024 BMW XM specs

BMW XM Driving Range, Acceleration

The new 2024 BMW XM is one hell of a vehicle. The upcoming SUV is all about styling and performance. We all know how much BMW likes to make its vehicles powerful and sporty. This trend didn’t stop with the SUV line, not even with the XM model. The incoming model is arriving with a single option when the powertrain is concerned. It is not a weak engine, on the contrary, it is quite powerful and it is paired with a hybrid system.

This partnership brings many benefits, some of which include more power, better mileage, and improved longevity of the engine itself. This is mostly because of the lack of stress on the main engine. The engine in question is a powerful gasoline-powered V8 engine. It is a 4.4 liter one and produces 644 horsepower with a bit of help from the hybrid motor.

This is amazing output and the SUV isn’t that heavy, to begin with, so the extra boost will be noticeable. There is also a high-trim model of the XM, called The Label Red model. It is a high-output and limited model. The engine in the Label Red is the same one, but with better performance. The horsepower goes up to 735 horsepower which is tremendous and will add to the sportiness of the SUV.

The XM can reach 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, this is quite fast for a vehicle of that size. It will be comparable to sport SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, both of whom in the tests achieved zero-to-60 mph times of 3.2 seconds. When in its Comfort driving mode, the XM’s coil-spring suspension system, which is enhanced by adjustable absorbers and active anti-roll bars, offers a surprisingly pleasant ride.

The XM’s steering is reactive and eager when it is in Sport, which makes it enjoyable to drive on winding roads. We know that BMW wants to switch to green energy as soon as possible. But it isn’t happening this time around. To match the output of the current XM SUV, there must be a big battery pack under the cabin. The architecture should also change to accommodate all the components.

Hopefully, it is at least 150 kWh so it can give the gasoline engine a run for its money. The switch to green energy is happening all around the market. It might be the case that BMW simply didn’t figure everything out and they want it to be perfect. Perhaps the next redesign might be the perfect opportunity for this change.

2024 BMW XM price

Fuel Economy

The new 2024 BMW XM is not too thirsty, at worst it is on par with its competition. There are no official numbers considering the mileage of the XM SUV. But the hybrid will help a lot in that regard. The electric motor itself can move the SUV for about 40 miles on its own. The fully electric version would improve the numbers greatly. We will have to wait for some more serious testing to have more information about this.

2024 BMW XM Price and Release Date

The upcoming 2024 BMW XM will be arriving later during the 2023 calendar year. It will be a bit pricey, but that is expected from BMW. Considering the style and performance the price tag is well worth it. The XM trim is $160000, while the Label Red model is a bit more expensive at $185000.

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