2024 Acura RDX Redesign, Hybrid, and Release Date

It seems we are getting a lot of new SUVs, here comes the 2024 Acura RDX. Acura vehicles are well known for their good performance, not-so-hefty price, and quality build. Luxury is also there as longevity. Pretty much all you could ask for in a modern SUV. The upcoming renewal will be a mid-cycle refresh. So, no drastic changes are expected. The RDX is a very stylish crossover SUV.

This is not your everyday family vehicle, it could be but with a dash of sportiness. We can expect big updates on the inside though. The style and technology are becoming a bit stale. This means the technology is getting an update, so new safety features as well as a new interface for the infotainment. There will be a lot of other improvements to the cabin as it needs to stay stylish.

This is done in order to keep the Acura a top competitor for the best compact SUV. The outside is looking to look rather similar to the previous version. Although some minor tweaks might happen to improve the look. The powertrain is a big question mark. It might become fully electric but nothing is certain at this point. Let’s take a closer look at the new RDX.

Acura RDX Interior Updates

Upgraded components and a revised driver information display are said to be present in the 2024 Acura RDX, all of which add to the car’s improved level of elegance. The remaining door, dashboard, and instrument panel trim pieces are all made of real metal and come with the Advance package.

This sophisticated crossover has enough room inside for all five people sitting inside and is built on a brand-new aluminum chassis. As one of the best in its class, it offers 38 inches of legroom in the back. Additionally, the cargo space can be increased from 29.5 to 58.8 cubic feet.

2024 Acura RDX interior

Exterior Facelift

The outside of the new 2024 Acura RDX looks dashing. It is very stylish with curves and a contemporary design. There are 20-inch wheel rims from lightweight material to shave off some weight. This will improve fuel economy.

The front fascia looks modern as well, there is an air intake behind the mesh. Two levels of headlights for maximum visibility. Bumpers are seamless and fit well with the design. The back side of the SUV has a bit of a drop for better aerodynamics.

2024 Acura RDX price

Engine Specs

The powertrain lineup for the 2024 Acura RDX doesn’t look completely new. As a matter of fact, it will continue with the same engine under the hood. This news is not all that bad since the SUV’s engine is powerful for the size it needs to move. The engine in question is a gasoline 2.0-liter turbo-four. It can produce 270 horsepower which is more than enough for the compact SUV, on top of that it gets 280 pound-feet of torque. Since you don’t plan on towing heavy stuff with the RDX we would say this is more than enough. The powertrain comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission that has a very smooth transition and is very long-lasting. This engine gives better power in comparison to entry-level models of rival engines.Contrary to this crossover, rivals also offer engine upgrades.

As a result, it is not surprising that numerous sources indicate that the Japanese company may introduce the Acura RDX 2024 Type S within the next calendar year. A more powerful version of the turbo-four engine that drives the Honda Civic Type R is rumored to be in this vehicle. The output of this engine, which is roughly 320 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, is an upgrade above the standard engine. But the news that we are more excited about is the news of a possible electrical powertrain. This would be a great addition to the already existing powertrain lineup. The diversity would attract more customers, this is a fact. The compact SUV doesn’t have a great size so the powertrain doesn’t need to be too big. That is the case with the electric powertrain, or should we say a battery pack.

Currently, we believe that 100 kWh should suffice to move the RDX with great performance. But going a bit overboard to let’s say 150 kWh would reap many benefits. The better output of power and better range. The build should possibly be a dual motor at least. One motor for each axle, for better power distribution. Adding more electric motors than this would only improve the overall performance. Cybertruck has 3, while Rivian R1T pickup has 4 electric motors, one for each wheel. But put in 2 motors, and everyone should be happy. Obviously, the architecture and platform of the 2024 Acura RDX will be new. This is a must for the electric powertrain to fit properly. Everything will sit under the cabin for better balance and handling. There should be more cargo space than under the hood, which is a big plus.

2024 Acura RDX specs

Fuel Economy Ratings

The compact 2024 Acura RDX isn’t too thirsty to keep running. The all-wheel drive version gets 21 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. Introducing a hybrid version would increase these numbers. However, the fully electric version would give a range above 350 miles, possibly 400 on a single charge. With the right battery pack size.

2024 Acura RDX Price and Release Date

New 2024 Acura RDX will be on the road later in 2023. Probably be the fall of the upcoming calendar year. The starting price is not official, but rough estimates but the SUV’s price at $40,000. Which is not the most expensive in the class. The competition is fierce in that category so Acura has to be careful about how they approach this redesign.

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