2020 BMW X8: Company’s Flagship Model For the Future

The forthcoming 2020 BMW X8 will be the company’s most expensive SUV. German manufacturer recently released its X7 model. Now, the time is for the next chapter. X8 will be a coupe-like model that will be based on the X7. The highlights of the all-new X8 are its roofline and its large grille.

Surely, this model will depart from the rest of the BMW’s lineup, and it will look unique. On the other hand, the performance should be about the same as on the X7 model. There are still plenty of rumors. However, a two-row four-seat SUV will surely arrive in the coming months.

2020 BMW X8 exterior

2020 X8 Gets a Massive Kidney Grille

BMW provides a coupe-like roofline to its even-numbered X models. That means the 2020 BMW X8 will get the same design language. X8 is based on the latest X7 model. However, this SUV will look very imposing and unique. So far, only rumors and renderings are available. We don’t know really that much about the company’s newest model. Still, Theupdatedrakish look with iconic roofline is precisely to happen. BMW will also look to deliver unique styling and extremely modern design.

Another highlight of the 2020 X8 will be its kidney grille. All of the company’s SUVs are using exactly the same grille. However, X8 will offer a massive kidney grille that will look striking. The updated front fascia is a must and this is just a beginning. You can also expect bolder bumpers and differently-shaped headlights and taillights.

2020 BMW X8 rendering

Four-Seat Two-Row Interior Layout

The approaching 2020 BMW X8 will borrow all of the premium amenities from the X7 model. However, this coupe-like SUV will deploy an interior layout with four seats and two rows. Yes, these two models will share the same architecture. Knowing that four passengers will have a lot of space from the inside. That includes both the headroom and the legroom.

On the other hand, it is still unknown whether or not a third row will be in the offer. As for the interior features, a 12.3-inch display is available as standard. The steering wheel will host numerous controls and the cabin will be very luxurious. The dashboard is oriented towards the driver, and an analog instrument cluster is gone.

2020 BMW X8 interior

Engine Rumors

We don’t expect a surprise in this category. The all-new 2020 BMW X8 will most likely borrow the engine lineup from the X7 SUV. That includes the three-liter turbocharged unit. This six-cylinder unit provides 335 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to that, the current X7 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds. The top speed is rated at 152 mph.

A 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 is another logical outcome. It produces 456 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of twist. This engine will drop the run to 5.2 seconds and improve the top speed to 155 mph. German manufacturer plans to make X8 its flagship model. For that reason, some experts are hoping for even better performances.

2020 BMW X8 Price and Release Date

The price is a complete mystery. One thing is sure, new 2020 BMW X8 won’t come cheap. The selected engine will play a massive part in determining the price. We think the coupe-like SUV will start at over $150,000. The company’s latest model will go on sale at some point next year.

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