2020 BMW iX3 – Company’s First Electric SUV

BMW is ready for the next chapter in its SUV lineup. The upcoming 2020 BMW iX3 is the company’s first-ever all-electric SUV. Electrification will happen in the coming months and we will see the brand-new model. The concept was introduced last year and iX3 will be sold globally.

Most of the vehicle is based on the concept, mostly visually. This electric SUV is based on the long-wheelbase X3. It will also arrive in the United States. However, Europe will be the first continent to see BMW’s newest SUV. Let’s find out what German manufacturer plans to deliver.

2020 BMW iX3 exterior

Futuristic Design

As we already mentioned, the 2020 BMW iX3 is based on the long-wheelbase X3. Its codename is G08. This model will surely arrive in the United States and it will deploy an RWD system. Some other names such as “sDriver75” were rumored and the number suggested a 75-kWh battery pack. However, the exterior will draw a lot of cues from the original concept.

Basically, it is a regular X3 SUV with small revisions. On the other hand, BMW iX3 will sport a closed-off grille and new bumpers. Moreover, exhaust pipes are gone so the changes aren’t that much radical.

2020 BMW iX3 rear

Modern Interior Updates

Again, design from the inside is similar to the regular X3 SUV. The upcoming 2020 BMW iX3 will get a couple of refreshments. That includes the all-new digital instrument cluster. Moreover, the all-electric SUV will get new optional packages. As for the upholstery, iX3 model won’t depart from the base X3. Trunk space is a huge mystery for now.

Large batteries in the floor could reduce the cargo area. On the other hand, we are sure that BMW is smart enough to avoid this problem. The current X3 model offers 56.5 cubic feet of cargo space. Finally, BMW suggested a self-driving ability. On the other hand, we still don’t know which autonomy level will become available.

Engine Specs, Mileage, Charging

German manufacturer promised more than 270 horsepower. The forthcoming 2020 BMW iX3 will use the fifth-gen electric drive system. The system is called “eDrive”. This system will group electric generation, power electronics, and the transmission separately. This will allow better packaging and more room from the inside. The batteries are powerful but there are still no words about more specific details. On the concept, this SUV is using a 70-kWh battery.

An all-wheel-drive system is another mystery. The battery will surely return a lot of miles on a single charge, around 250. Knowing BMW, we can expect at least two different outputs. The range-topping model could deliver over 300 horses and we can also expect the famous “M” badge. A 150-kW charging will be in the offer. Thanks to that, you won’t have to wait for an SUV to charge. Whatsoever, iX3 will charge 80 percent in just 30 minutes.

2020 BMW iX3 charging

2020 BMW iX3 Price and Release Date

Before the 2020 BMW iX3 arrives in the United States it will become available in Europe first. Logically, the forthcoming iX3 will cost more than the standard X3. The current model is priced at $41,000 so the iX3 will surely start between $50,000 and $60,000.

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